Book a Reloading Course 01: Intro

Book a Reloading Course 01: Intro

The Shooting Club Membership

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The Shooting Range @ Shooting Stuff (SR@SS) is home to The Shooting Club, offering multi-disciplinary shooting fun. Club membership offers you many great benefits.

  1. Pure shooting fun.
    1. The Shooting Club is all about fun, shooting in a safe, controlled environment with just a little competitive side to add some spice and help you improve your shooting.
    2. The Shooting Club offers a wide variety of shooting events incorporating some competitive elements while enabling everyone to participate in their own way, at their own level.
    3. Regular club shoots offer a different challenge at each event, from IPSC style action shooting, through steel-challenge and silhouettes to bullseye precision and grouping consistency.
    4. Different firearms may be used for different events. While it will be possible to participate in most events using a handgun, we have rental options available to try something new!
  2. Improve your skills.
    1. The best way to improve your shooting skill is to shoot frequently.
    2. Competition, even against yourself, creates the motivation to do better next time.
    3. Regular club shoots require around 30 rounds per event and should take no more than 15 minutes of your valuable time.
    4. Club members are encouraged to book a slot via the website but are welcome to just pop in and use the next available slot on the range; remember that bookings receive preference!
      1. Shooting Range @ Shooting Stuff is accredited with the NRCS; SAPS accreditation is underway.
      2. Shooting Range @ Shooting Stuff is a registered NHSA friendly shooting range.
  3. Dedicated sport shooting status.
    1. NHSA offers simple and affordable membership, including dedicated sport shooting status.
    2. NHSA administers their membership electronically, via
    3. NHSA membership is additional and is payable directly to NHSA; The Shooting Club plays no part.
    4. Your activities at The Shooting Club count toward NHSA activities too.
      1. Results from club comps, signed NHSA targets, or chrono results are just some of the suitable “proof of activities” towards obtaining and maintaining dedicated status.
      2. Each NHSA member must submit proof of their activities via the Natshoot website.
  4. In-store discounts.
    1. Club members receive 50% off range fees, 50% off storage fees, and 100% off club shoot fees!
    2. Club members receive 5% discount in store (not valid in conjunction with other special offers)
    3. Sign up for The Shooting Club’s broadcast group on WhatsApp and be the first to receive news of events and activities, product arrival, new products, and other interesting shooting stuff.
    4. We promise not to bombard you with electronic messages!
    5. The Shooting Club offers an opportunity for like-minded shooting enthusiasts to learn from one another, to improve shooting and reloading skills and to share experiences.
    6. Receive a free, personalised Club shirt when you join The Shooting Club, valued at over R750!


Apply to join The Shooting Club today, for great shooting fun in Centurion!

The owners and management of Shooting Range and The Shooting Club may amend these benefits at their sole discretion, at any time.

The Shooting Club Fees:

  1. Annual Fees
    1. R1000 joining fee and R1100 every year (payable on the date you subscribe).
  2. Monthly Fee
    1. R1000 joining fee and R100 monthly fee, billed every month on the date you subscribe.
  1. Club Shoot Fees
    1. Club members participate for free
    2. Non-members pay R50


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